Mrs. Giggles reviewed ‘My Fair Pixie’ and gave it a Great review.
You can read the whole thing HERE, but here is the end quote which I will now tattoo on my left shoulder…

“…I have to hand it to author Samantha Winston – My Fair Pixie is splendorous laugh-a-minute affair that is so naughty all over the place and so unexpectedly tender at other places. This is simply fabulous fun from start to finish. Love it, love it, love it!”

Rating: 92

Well, actually, I’m really pleased she liked it. She has reviewed another book of mine a few years ago and didn’t like it – but you know what they say – no publicity is bad publicity. (Or do they say something else?) At any rate, doing a little happy dance in the rain here (well, until Mrs. Giggles reviews another book and gives it a 02, lol. You know, life is short, so I will dance to a good review while I can!)