A dozen first lines from my erotic books:

1: Princess Shari gave a very unladylike curse as her private spaceship, the SS Marissa, hit a zone of turbulence due to a small, magnetic storm.
(The Frog Prince from Planet Marecage – Ellora’s Cave)

2: The centaur was dreaming again.
(Paradise Earth II Revelations – Changeling Press)

3: He had blond hair, bleached almost white by salt water, and turquoise chips for eyes.
(Virtual Murder – Loose Id)

4: The nurse in charge of freezing my molecules inserted a glowing needle into my arm and had
me count backwards from ten.
(Angels on Crusade – Cerridwen Press)

5: The Scottish landscape rolled by.
(Battle’s bride – Loose Id)

6: Steele heard a steady thumping first.
(Time Tracker – Loose Id)

7: “Your bath is ready, my lord.”
(Diamina – Ellora’s Cave)

8: Darla Rooderville stared at her best friend in disbelief.
(Darla’s Valentine – Simon and Schuster or Ellora’s Cave)

9: The dangerous part was next.
(Renegade Aquarius – Ellora’s Cave)

10:Agony unlike anything he’d ever felt tore through his body.
(Llewellyn’s Song – Ellora’s Cave)

11: Mitch stared at his huge cock.
(The Phallus from Dallas – Ellora’s Cave)

12: What does a five hundred year old, incredibly cultured male vampire want?
(My Fair Pixie – Ellora’s Cave)

The dilemma:

I was thinking of getting business cards for Calderwood. I want to stress the fact that e-books don’t pollute. No trees are killed, no fuel is burned transporting the books, no chemical inks are used…but if I order business cards made from paper and shipped from the US, I’m polluting.

I thought I’d send these virtual business cards to the Calderwood authors so they can use them in their e-mails or print them out themselves. What do you think?