Today I bought a new hat. It’s a summer tradition with me, and since the weather has been so warm I bought it early. I had to go to the doctor for my yearly check-up, and since I was early, I parked by the church and took a stroll through the town of Montfort L’Amaury. Go check out the link, there are some nice pictures of the village, which dates back to the Middle Ages. As I was walking through the town, I saw a small shop with hats in the window. I went in, and fell in love with this one.
I’ve bought a new hat every year since I can remember. It can be straw, or cloth, or a cap, or whatever. Last year’s hat was a floppy red cloth hat. The year before it was an even floppier pink hat made with woven yarn, and the year before that, it was a straw hat with a green ribbon.

This year, I found a hat with a buckle on it. It’s a beige hat, which is nice because it ‘goes’ with everything. (Ever the fashion victim here…)

My new hat is chic.

Rusty and Auguste like it.
Here is a great site:
It’s the plan for the church in Montfort, showing the stained glass windows in detail, if you click on the names of the windows, and then on the small icons, you get some lovely pictures of the windows, which were made in the 13th and 14th centuries. (The church and village are classified as historical monuments).

Is there something that you do that marks the begining of summer?