Yesterday, I took the clippers out and started to trip the forsythia bush in the front lawn. It had gotten so big it was taking over the small space. My husband ended up cutting it ALL back, now there is just a stump. It will grow back, never fear – and it will be a nice, tame bush for a couple years.

But I ended up weeding, raking, planting and trimming. I itched all night with bug bites and nettle stings. Here is a picture of the space where the tree was, and the stump with a boar’s skull on it (very Lord of the Flies). (Or redneck – whatever.)

But after the flowers I planted grow, this will be a mass of bright colors (I made sure to add marigolds to the seed mix – if nothing else grows, they will, lol.)

Then today, I started to mow the lawn in the back, and since I can’t start something and not finish, I finished the whole lawn, then weedwhacked, trimmed, weeded, and cut the nettles under the fig tree. Now I am again covered with nettle rash and bug bites, and looking forward to another night tossing and turning…and itching. But doesn’t the garden look nice?