It looks like an icon will be hanging up her stilettos. Miss Snark has announced she’s stopping her blog.
Aspiring writers everywhere will miss her wry comments, Snarkisms, Snarklings, and Killer Yapp. (And George Clooney. Whatever else you can say about Miss Snark – she has good taste in men!)
I’ll miss the cocking of the clue gun, but I suppose that if you go through the archives, she’s probably answered every question there is about finding an agent. She will leave the blog up, so the archives will be available (thank you, Miss Snark!)
I like the fact that she managed to remain anonymous in the small workd of publishing. (How did she manage that?) I think she might have had secret agent training…
And I loved the contests (so many talented people read her blog) and I found new friends in the comment section (waving to Bernita, Orion, and many, many more.)
I will miss checking on the ‘nitwit of the day’, and hearing about Killer Yapp.
I can’t imagine anyone taking her place!
Goodbye Miss Snark!