It must have been from working in the garden. I was Overcome by my allergies. I had an earache, a stuffed head, my eyes stung, I kept sneezing, I was miserable.
The funny thing is, I don’t remember having allergies as a kid. Then again, I was always sick with a sore throat or earache, and according to my doctor here, it could have been allergies. When I lived in St. Thomas, there wasn’t the same sort of pollen, so I never noticed. The worst was when I was in Argentina one spring. I had terrible allergies and spent most nights chugging down cough medicine, thinking it was bronchitis.
Now I know what it is, (I have the most common of allergies – grass pollen and tree pollen.) and I have my miracle pills. They take away the sneezing, the earache, the sore throat, the runny eyes and nose. Amazing. They also make me feel as if I should be sleeping, or if I AM sleeping, and all this is a slightly fuzzy dream.
I am wondering if I can get any work done today. Yesterday I had to drive my daughter around, and I was terrified I’d fall asleep at the wheel. I fell asleep at nine last night, and dragged myself out of bed at ten this morning (it’s a weekend, I can do this, lol.) But I feel like I’m underwater. My head is both clear and yet fuzzy. The allergy pills are probably too strong and I should get some….*snore* ……………
……….*huh?* Oh, where was I?
Yes, new allergy medicine.
That’s how I feel. I can keep an idea in my head for about two minutes. It’s very frustrating.
And I keep yawning.
OK – time for some More Coffee (Have you sever seen anyone with coffee tremors who kept falling asleep?)

I also got a request for a full from my query and sent off the wrong manuscript. (not entirely wrong – I sent off an earlier version when I had the corrected and perfect version ready. This will teach me to keep all my versions in the same folder.) I debated about writing back to the agent and explaining, and then thought, what the hell, it’s only a slightly less perfect version. And then my mind skipped to other things.
I’m beginning to think that these pills aren’t so bad after all. They don’t let me worry.
I can’t concentrate enough to worry.
Anyhow, if the agent I sent the full to is reading this blog, please be advised that there is a slightly better version available, where for example, I got rid of that silly typo in the second chapter that made my hero’s dog glow instead of growl.

My mother reads my blog. She called me from the US to tell me I’ve misplaced another modifier.
Hat’s off to whoever spots it!
I won’t correct it. Yes it makes me look like a ditz – but it’s funny.