Well, my husband and I have been working in the garden for two days now. My nails are ruined, my hands tingle from nettle rash, I have black spots on my pants from the lawnmower, and grease from cleaning the barbecue (I know, who cleans a barbecue? All I could think of as I scrubbed was, ‘Andrea will be so proud of me!’ Aren’t you Andrea? hee hee!)

I ripped out weeds and transplanted plants, replanted plants, weeded some more, tore up miles of ivy, chopped ivy stems (Die plant, DIE!!) and mowed and weedwhacked and did all that great stuff that exhausts you – especially since you know that in about a week you have to start All Over Again.
Why does grass have to grow? I was thinking seriously about green cement today.
How nice.

On the left is a bare wall. It was like the wall facing it – covered with ivy. We removed it. Now we have to do the other side. Ivy is pretty, but it has a bad habit of not knowing when to stop. If we let it, it will take over the world. There is a rabbit hutch under the ivy just behind my flower bed. It’s a little brick hut, and very cute, but you can’t see it any more.

And what happens when you finish working on the garden? You go inside, lol. Well, it was getting very hot and buggy and the grass and nettles were in our clothes and itching. So we didn’t hang out in the garden going ‘ohhhh!’

We do, however. Here are some pictures of my sister, my daughter, and I hanging out in the garden on a summer night.

Oh wait, that’s Versailles!