It’s a cloudy day – maybe I’ll be able to get some writing done.
I have a confession. When it’s sunny and the weather is lovely, I have to be outside. Or if not outside, doing something active. It’s like I’m solar powered – the sun comes out and I move!
The house is spring-cleaned – all except for the kitchen. I’ve saved it for last, and will take it apart this weekend (when hubby is not around to see the mess, lol.) The garden is mowed, the flowers blooming, the birds singing…So I suppose I should be sitting down and finishing the two books I have to finish. And today it’s cloudy, so I will try and work on them.

I sent another query out. I haven’t heard back from anyone on any of my queries. I’ve sent out partials and fulls – but no news. Yesterday I sent a query directly to an editor who told me to go ahead and query her with a proposal, so I sent off ‘In the Cards’. We’ll see what happens!

What is a proposal?
It’s what it sounds like. It’s getting down on your knee, looking imporingly at the one you covet, and saying ‘Here I am – do you want me?’
In the book world, it’s usually comprised of a synopsis, a chapter by chapter outline, and the first three chapters (more or less) of the book. I sent off a ‘blurb’ synopsis (with hook) and a detailed synopsis with the beginning, middle, and end plotted out to show what would happen, when, and why. I sent the first five chapters, because they’re short, and they end in a logical place.
Hopefully, the editor will like the proposal and tell me to go ahead and finish it. She’ll either offer to buy it outright, or wait until it’s finished. But at least it will give me the push I need to sit down and finish the story! It’s all in my head. Now I have to sit and type!!!!