So far I’ve had a good BookMooch experience. I sent six books and got five. Since I wasn’t sure about postage, I refused to send to the US (expensive) but I did accept a book mooch from England, and later regretted it as it cost 6$ to send a book worth 7$. Live and learn! So I changed my profile to say I couldn’t send outside France. Hopefully lots of French moochers will find my profile and mooch, so I can get some more books!
I just mooched 4 Terry Pratchett books – (I LOVE his Discworld series). I mooched a Colin Bateman, a Jennie Crusie, a Stephanie Bond, a Janet Evanovitch, (funny!) and a Dick Francis and an Ian Rankin (mystery books).
So Book Mooch has been a great experience so far.
Daisy mae just wrote and said she stumbled on a BookMooch scammer though. A guy listed bunches of books, mooched a bunch of books, then took his listing off and vanished. Bad Moocher, Bad!
I am going to clean up my bookcase in my bedroom, and my kids’ bookcases, and will have a lot of new books to list. I’m sorry I don’t ship to the US – it’s just not worth it – might as well just buy the book from a used books bookstore. 😦
I saw a couple of my books floating around on BookMooch – that was fun. And Clean Reads had the drawing for Horse Passages – I’ll have a drawing too when I get to the US this summer – I have a bunch of books to giveaway, so stay tuned for my July Giveaways!
OK – off to the gym!
Have a great day!