Today I clipped our front hedge and finished mowing the lawn. I started on Saturday, but on Sunday it’s illegal to mow grass (because of the noise) so I took the day off and went for a walk instead. I also got some work done yesterday, including putting the newsletter for the Sirens together and getting a tiny bit of editing and reading done. If anyone who submitted to Calderwood Books has not gotten an answer back, they should submit again, because we are all caught up with submissions and asking for partials. (I’m posting this here just in case.) So yesterday was a ‘get caught up’ day.

Today it’s so hot we left our back door wide open for a breeze, and the dogs are inside lying on the tiled floor. Bees bumble in the garden, but not as many as I’d like to see. Our cherry tree is usually covered with blossoms and buzzing with bees; this year we have snowy blossoms, but it’s too early for the bees. The ones who have woken up are clumsy and sleepy and crawl into our rooms through the open windows and get lost. We have no screens in the windows–there are few mosquitos and even fewer bees and wasps. Thanks to the farms we have flies, but they are clever and don’t get caught in curtains.

Yesterday I set three bees loose after they blundered into my house and got stuck in the filmy, white curtains. Silly bees. But I’m still worried. The cherry blossoms need bees to make lots of cherries, and this year the flowers all came a month early. My apple trees a’blossoming, and it too is lonely for bees. The cherry tree is already shedding its petals like fragile snowflakes.