Here’s my house, and two cars parked in front of it which are part of the car show this morning. This afternoon we’re getting jaguars and antique cars, so I’m keeping my camera ready! Thank goodness the scaffolding from the roof came down yesterday (it’s all lying in the garden but you can’t see it anymore, so the village looks chic.)

August has made his choice, sitting and looking at a bright red Ferrari. He’s a boy dog, so I guess he likes cars.

Here’s the church with some more cars parked in front of it. Everyone is in the restaurant eating lunch. August saw our neighbor’s cat and ran away, and I had to run after him, yelling “Auguste, leave that cat alone!” He doubled back and ran as fast as he could back to the house with me pounding after him to make sure he didn’t go the Other way around the block. It was entertainment for the people in the restaurant, I’m sure.

Here’s August in front of the restaurant, admiring another car.