Yesterday I went for a walk and took some pictures of the spring trees and stream.

I love the hazelnut tree, below, with the gold tassle-like flowers. The stream was sparkling, and a wild plum tree bloomed in the hedge.

Then I stopped by the fossil site and found two new fossils. They’re the biggest ones I’ve found there yet, (about 2 inches long) and in good condition. The recent rains must have washed them out of the sand. For those interested in fossils, here are the two shells I found. They’re from the Eocene epoch / Lutecian stage (about 48 million yeas ago). I’m kind of nuts about old things, so this is fascinating to me, lol.
Hemicerithium imperfectum
Cerithium imperfectum
Plejona musicalis
Voluta musicalis