Sardine salad:

Can of sardines (If possible, not in oil! If canned sardines in oil is all you can find, drain them well before use.)
Lemon juice
Rockette salad (arugula)
Balsamic vinegar
Parmesan shavings
Salt & pepper

Put the rockette on a plate and sprinkle with balsamic vinegar and salt. Place sardine filets on the salad and squeeze lemon juice over them. Add the parmesan cheese shavings.
Eat with a slice of whole wheat toast. It’s delicious!

Sardines are great with bitter herbs such as rockette, and you can put sun-dried tomatos on the salad for extra ‘yum’. I didn’t have parmesan cheese today, so I substituted with cantal.

I just looked up arugula, and here’s what I found:
“Rocket (arugula) has been grown as a vegetable in the Mediterranean area since Roman times, and was considered an aphrodisiac.”

I just love arugula, lol.