I have a new blog design thanks to the very talented Daisy Mae – step up and take a bow! It looks wonderful, thank you!

She also designed a header to match for my website, so please go look (www.samanthawinston.com) It is too fun – I love the look – very Newspaper 1930’s, Clark Kent mild mannered reporter and all that!

I think my book ‘Merlin’s Song’ is due out today at Ellora’s cave – I’ll post an announcement tomorrow if it is. I have to say I LOVE this book – it’s Hot, it’s Fun, it’s gor Great characters. I dare anyone not to fall in love with Merlin, and I think Kyla is one of my most interesting heroines after Gladys Hawke (My favorite – is it possible to have a favorite heroine?)
I think (because I’m rambling here) that my three favorite heroines are:
Gladys Hawke
And my three favorite heros are:
Tagor the Pirate
But it’s so hard to choose because they’re all my babies! (wail!)
Authors, do you have favorite characters?
Readers, are there characters you just can’t bear to say goodbye to?
Does everyone think Gladys desreves to be number one?

I just looked and it’s THERE!!!
MERLIN’S SONG is at Ellora’s Cave!!!
Here is the LINK!!
I made lots of Links.
Go check it out!
Buy a copy!
Let me know if you fell in love with Merlin and thought Kyla was a great Heroine!!
And Thank you!!!!