Time flies – when you’re busy!
Of course, when all you have to do is housework, suddenly time seems to stop and there are Hours and Hours in front of you. Waiting.

Let’s see – took my daughter to the orthodentist and she’s going to be fitted for braces in April. According to the x-rays we took, she has no wisdom teeth at all! How bizarre! The dentist said it was rare, but it happened. My son says it’s mankind mutating – we don’t need our wisdom teeth so they are getting phased out. Looking at most of what’s happening now in the world (and who’s leading us) I beg to differ.
My daughter was happy because this means no operation to remove the teeth.

I played some golf today (I know – hard life) but the weather is NOT going to hold, and it was positively Balmy and Gorgeous out, so hubby and I went to the driving range and whacked golf balls. I will suffer for this – I was at the gym this morning, lifted weights, and my arms are sore.

I did get my edits done for Merlin’s Song (last edits after the proofreader – yay!) Got the blurb written, found an excerpt…It’s all set to go!
I am adding about 5k to a novella I just submitted to a brand new publisher, so that’s kind of exciting. It was accepted, and it’s going to edits next week already, so I have to build the story up some more.

I am waiting for tomorrow to do the housework – the temperature is supposed to drop ten degrees C°, and it’s going to rain for the next week or so. Argh – UGH! Here’s where I go to check my weather:
I am a bit of a nerd with the weather station. I check the weather every day – and it’s not like I can’t look out the window, but I have to be able to plan ahead. I have to prepare myself. You have to understand I grew up in the tropics, and so weather was never an issue. It was hot, or hot and raining.
If you put the cursor on the map, you can find ‘Région Ile-de-France’ which is the area I live in. If you click on that, it will pop up and you can then click on ‘Departement Yvelines’ and see the department I live on. Then if you move the cursor around, you can find Houdan and Mantes La Jolie, and you will know I live somewhere in between the two towns.
I also spend lots of time on the NOA site, looking at satelite pictures. I love Google Earth, and can procrastinate for Hours with that thing.
So what’s your favorite procrastination?