Three easy steps? If that was true, I’d love it, lol.

I am looking at my desk. It has this on it:

There are books, coffee mugs, photos, pens, CD’s, a speaker, two telephones (that don’t work) my address book (that purple book beneath the NY Yankees CD holder) ‘Guns, Germs, and Steel’ by Jared Diamond (I’m almost done with it) a pack of tarot cards, ‘Going out in Style’ by Chloe Green, (great fun!) my son’s schedule for the university, a note from my daughter’s teacher (about the German book she’s translating) and various and sundry things. Just stuff. I have to organize my desk.

I also have to do a second draft of a first draft I sent off last week. (It was accepted but I have to do the second draft before it can go to editing.) I have another English student! So I have two on Tuesday, three on Wednesday, and two on Friday.

Here is how I keep organized – my calendar (Rugbyman Calendar) and my weekly schedule.

I have two other calendars in the kitchen, and one in my bedroom, (but not as nice as this one).

Calendars are what keeps me organized. What about you?