I never really noticed him. He was on the side of an ancient building in a nearby village. He’s been up on the wall, playing with himself, for about five centuries now.
There are lots of small details that, when you see them, suddenly cast things in a different light. This old house suddenly becomes mysterious. Why did someone put that carving there? Was he an imp? Something like a gargoyle, meant to keep the evil spirits away? The house becomes fixed in time. It’s now the house built in the middle ages. The wood came from trees that grew in the fourteenth century. The man that carved that statue would never believe what sights the statue would see, perched up on the wall overlooking the church square.
Just below him is a bar / cafe, where people sit outside on sunny days and sip their coffee and their beer. To his right is the church, and although it hasn’t changed much since it was built, the cars parked around it are nothing like the transportation the woodcarver knew. Airplanes fly overhead.
Will he still be there five hundred years from now? And if so, I wonder what he’ll see?