Happy Birthday to my Sister Julie!!

Julie is my little sister, and no matter how old we get, she’ll always be fifteen months younger than me. I miss her SO much. We used to be this close (holds up hand with fingers twisted together.) We always shared a room. When I left home, it was like cutting off part of my body and leaving it behind. (Good thing she liked to travel, and she would come visit me in Europe).
She and I are completely different. She’s very serious and I can’t do serious unless I’m actually crying about something. She’s nice – I’m really not nice. She’s got a dimple, and I’ve always been really jealous of that dimple. She went as far as to give her dimple to her son – really it’s the cutest dimple you ever saw. She’s also the perfect person. As a child, she never got scolded and never got into trouble. I swear – she had this little halo above her head, and everyone saw it. (It’s still there, honest. I bet Lee and Nick see it all the time, right?) She never got into trouble or did anything stupid…except this one time. (Big Grin Here.)

It was the last day of school, the day I graduated highschool, she and I went to a bar downtown and got PLASTERED. We honestly never drank. (I always get sick when I drink, and Julie is, well, serious, lol) But that was a Special day. No more School ever for me EVAH. So we hit Sparkys on the waterfront and ordered screwdrivers until we couldn’t see straight. And then we had a problem – how to get home. Without our mom knowing just how PLASTERED we were. After discussing it very…seriously, we decided to ask our gym teacher to give us a lift home. (This is NOT something I’d suggest anyone do, because my gym teacher was celebrating the end of the year, and his fiancĂ© had just dumped him, so he had been in the bar drinking for longer than Julie and I & he was really in bad shape.) But, he agreed to drive us home – whereverthehellthat was.
I ended up shifting for him, and since I was PLASTERED we drove home in Second gear all the way – which was probably the safest thing to do.
“Over there!” Julie yelled, when we saw our road. The gym teacher drove the car to the side of the road and let us out. Then he waved goodbye and drove on. Unfortunately he forgot to turn back to the road so he went into a ditch. It wasn’t very deep, and the car stalled, so he just waved out the window and passed out. Julie and I started walking back to the house.
About halfway there, I thought I heard a car coming behind us. “Off the road sister!” I yelled, and shoved her into the grass. And I jumped after her. Unfortunately, it was a very small verge over a rather steep cliff, and we fell down it. About ten feet, I’d say. We landed in a heap. We looked up to the road where there were no cars passing. “Thanks a lot, Jenn,” she said.
“Watch that last step!” I joked.
We managed to get back up and stagger to the house. Our back stairs were cement. They went straight then zigged to the right.
Just before we headed down, Julie said to me “Watch that last step!” in a really sarcastic voice. Well, I got going down them, missed the step and the zig to the right, and cracked my chin on the wall. Julie says the reason I don’t remember the rest is because I was knocked out, just like a boxer who got an uppercut to the chin. I went down like a ton of…Bricks. I still have the scar on my chin.
She got me to bed and the next day we both had the worst headaches. I had to go to work & was in sheer misery all day long, and I haven’t gotten Plastered since the day I graduated high school.
Julie was a good influence on me most of the time. She really did try to talk me out of all the idiotic things I did as a teenager. She was my Jimminy Cricket.
And I’m writing this story for her on her birthday! (It’s the only one where she does something stupid – honest, the rest of the time she was PERFECT!)