OK, I confess. I’m addicted to chocolate.
I went shopping to buy a pizza for my son, to take it to the firehouse where he’s on duty today. While in the store I walked past the chocolate aisle.

(Important: Don’t read any further if, like me, you love chocolate. Or at least put something over your keyboard so you don’t ruin it with drool…)

I usually avoid the chocolate section in my store, but today, a woman was blocking the aisle and I had to use the next one over, and before I knew it, I was in front of a whole shelf of chocolate. My eyes immediately found the familiar red and gold package from Cote d’Or, my favorite brand. And, oh no; they had the one I love…Milk chocolate with toasted pecans caramalized with with sea-salted butter.
My hand reached of its own accord, and then I saw the white chocolate with the whole hazelnuts, and then a dark chocolate bar with wild cherry caught my eye. I hesitated. White chocolate with hazelnuts and nougatine? Milk chocolate with caramelized pecans and a touch of sea-salt? Dark chocolate with wild cherry bits? There was also the classic dark chocolate and marmelade orange peel, or the…no, no! It had to be the milk chocolate and pecan.
I snatched it off the shelf and, before I could swipe more bars into my shopping cart, I dashed to the check-out counter.

Then I went to the firehouse to deliver the pizza to my son.
He saw my shopping bag. “You have some chocolate,” he said, his eyes shining.
What can I say? I love my son more than chocolate. I smiled bravely and took it out of the bag. “For you,” I said.
He gave me a crooked grin and broke it in half. “We can share,” he said.
Now that’s a nice kid.
And guess what I’m eating right now?
I love chocolate!