It’s Sunday morning and dawn is nowhere in sight. I got up early to take my son to the fire department where he’s on duty today.
I’m dropping my daughter at the pony club in a couple hours. She has to get her horse ready for the show. I’ll go and see her this afternoon. Horse shows are completely different beasts than polo games. A polo game lasts an hour, for one thing. A horse show lasts all day too – but when your daughter goes into the ring, you better not blink or you’ll miss something. It lasts less than two minutes. Gallop, gallop, jump, jump, jump…and that’s it! (Well, there are 12 jumps or so, and maybe I’m exagerating, but I’m used to watching polo, lol.

Well, the weather has gone back to mild here. It must be in the sixties this morning. The air is so mild it felt like spring when I stepped out of the house. And here I was afraid I’d have to scrape my windshield. I’ve only done it once this year.

I promised I’d finish my mystery book this weekend, so I better stop blogging and get to work. I will be writing and driving around today – but not both at the same time.