The Lumberjack Song is now stuck in my head, and I’m apt to start singing whenever I catch sight of my hat. LOL. Quite funny though. And not as bad as some songs that have been stuck in my head. It’s bitter cold here – the ground is covered in a pale sprinkle of frost and the ground is like stone.

I think my geraniums are finally dead. I left them out because of the warm weather, but the temperature dropped suddenly.

(You can tell my life is insanely exciting, lol)

Yesterday I was at the hospital all morning (my daughter had a mole removed – nothing serious – everything is perfect now) and today I am planning on finishing my mystery novel. That is, if I can get some peace and quiet. My husband and son are here today, and it’s hard to work with them in the house.

My husband has lots of work to do on the computer for his blurb work for ‘Seasons’. Yes, one of his jobs is writing the blurbs about the shows that are on television. He’s good with blurbs. How lucky is that? I’m pretty good with blurbs too, actually. When he first started his job, I was the one who taught him how to take the synopsis of the show and make it into an announcer’s blurb. I do the same thing with my books, since I usually have to write the blurbs for them. I think I’ve written blurbs for all but two of my books – My Medallion books.

Sunday my daughter has her last horse show of the winter – she’s excited because she’s already qualified to be in the finals. She’s had two clear rounds out of three. I much prefer a polo game. You can sit and chat and watch it (it lasts almost an hour). With the jumping, if you blink, you miss it!

I think this is a funny picture – it looks like the pony is sort of hanging in the air!