Well, no snow today. I would have looked perfectly ridiculous with my lumberjack hat so I kept it in the closet.
There was a tiny sprinkle of white on the ground, like powdered sugar on a donut – but not enough to get excited about, and as soon as the sun rose it melted like…snow.
So I didn’t go for a huge walk, I did lots of housework instead and wrote 2 chapters on my new book.
I’m stalled on my suspense book. I’ll tell you why (maybe you’ve gone through the same thing?) I just don’t know if it’s any good! I wrote it all the way up to the last chapter or two – and stopped. I was going to hand it in to my agent, (she asked for it after looking at the proposal I drew up) but when she terminated our contract, I just lost interest in it. Is that normal? I suppose the best thing will be to put it away and not think about it, but the characters are all FURIOUS with me.
Chris’s mother is lying in a pool of blood in the kitchen – is she dead? Is she just injured? Who hit her on the head? And Chris is drugged and helpless, lying in a narrow bed with a psycopath staring at him…
Rachel just found out who her father really is, and she’s torn between elation and grief. She just discovered Chris’s mother, and now she’s terrified something has happened to Chris. (She’s right…)
Stan is in a meeting with his boss. He doesn’t know yet that Rachel has decided not to quit – he thinks he’s lost her. And he knows now that the three missing girls will never, ever be found…and it’s destroying him. How can he bring closure to their parents?

And I’m just sitting here ignoring my characters’ enraged screams and teeth gnashing, writing in my blog, starting a new book, and thinking I must be crazy. Are all authors nuts?