Okay, I admit, I’m like a little kid when it snows. I wait for it every single winter with foot-tapping impatience and then when it gets here I shiver in front of the radiator and wait until spring comes. LOL
But tomorrow they (‘they’ you know – ‘the ones who know’) anyway, THEY say is will snow.
So I’ve gotten my boots out of the attic, and found my scarf and my Canadian lumberjack hat. I am ready for the snow now. Tomorrow, when it comes, I will put on my boots, my hat, and my scarf and go outside. (And I promise I’ll even put on pants, a sweater, and a coat…)
I will go for a walk in the woods with my dogs, and I’ll take some pictures to show you all Montchauvet in the snow – which is so much more charming than Montchauvet in the pouring rain and mud, which is what we’ve had so far this year.
What’s really nice is that a lot of the neighbors have left their Christmas decorations up in a vain atempt to add some seasonal cheer to the rotten weather, so with the snow, it will Finally look like Christmas. (On Christmas day we were all walking around in shorts…well, just about.)
Viva la Snow!
(Looking out the window. Nope, no snow yet!!)