The workers took ten tons off the building by taking out the whole first floor. The foreman was astounded – he’d predicted six tons, not ten. I went in and looked at the beams. They were bowed and some had huge cracks in them. All had been shifted from their original placement. I guess I’m lucky the whole thing never collapsed on my head!
They’ve put a metal beam in place of the old wooden main beam. A pity – it’s not as picturesque as the wooden ones. But it won’t break, lol.
Yesterday was full of surprises. The workers set fire to something in the building, the electricity shorted out, there was a while when I didn’t know if I should call the fire department or my electrician. Neither were necessary – the workers put out the fire and fixed the electricity. But I didn’t get much done. I had been working on my WIP, but put it aside out of fear of another black-out.
Auguste, my dachshund, loves going and getting in the workers’ way. I have shut him in the house today, because they are tiling the roof and both the front and back gates are wide open. Auguste is heartbroken. His new friends won’t play with him anymore. The workers keep asking me if he’s a hunting dog. They much admire dogs that are useful, and think that pets are a flamboyant waste of space. I explain that Auguste and Rusty are part of the family. They sleep in the house, they get spoiled, and they sometimes hunt with my husband. I wouldn’t call them hunting dogs. I’d call Auguste a lap dog, and Rusty aspires to win the world record for sleeping and snoring.