I wish you all a merry holiday season!Today I am cleaning the house (thrilling) and shopping (oh, the crowds!) and getting everything set for the weekend with the family. In my spare time (hysterical laughter here) I’m perusing Miss Snark’s Crapometer and learning a heckova lot about writing hooks. I’m impressed with so much of the writing – a few of the hooks have me hooked, and there are one or two books I’d actually love to read! (thinking about a YA fantasy hook with two princesses duking it out over the kingdom…) My son installed a new patch for my computer and it’s working really well. The joys of having a computer literate child! Too bad he goes back to college on the 27th. He’s looking for a place to stay in Columbus, Ohio while he goes to the university. Know any cheap, clean, decent places? My daughter thinks we’ve forgotten her Christmas and is moping. She’s too cheerful a person to do any serious moping, but I can’t wait to see her face on Christmas morning when she finds out we did not forget her, lol. Today I also have to take the meat out of the freezer for tomorrow – (note to self: Please don’t forget!)Everything is glittering with frost here – the sun is just peeping over the horizon and it’s making a lovely, peachy-silver light! May your day be Merry and Bright!