My daughter just came home from school with a surprise. Her German teacher had read my book ‘The Promise’, and liked it so much she translated it into German! She is a native German speaker, and I think she’s done an awesome job. So here I am with a German manuscript of ‘Das Versprechen’ – which is a science fiction YA book about a world without adults. They all died during a plague brought on by a meteorite. The teacher is now busy translating ‘Red Sky’, and I absolutely have to call her. I never knew she was doing this, you see. She told me daughter, who sort of said one day that her teacher loved the Promise and was translating it – but I thought she meant she was translating it for herself to read, lol.

Anyhow, I’ll try to get hold of an electronic copy of this so I can send it to friends in Germany!
And here is a wonderful sculpture that I found in an antique shop here. It’s called the Voyager, and it’s a protrait of Napolean Bonaparte leaving the battlefield. The cold wind is in his face, it blows his cloak, and pins his horse’s ears back. The sculpture is amazing – and if you have about 55,000 euros, it can be yours! *sigh* I wish I could win the lottery.