I hate the new blogger account. Now I have to log in twice, for some reason, and most of the time I can’t comment on anyone’s board. Have been trying. Is very frustrating. Hate the new Blogger account.
OK – rant over.
I have fixed up my sites with Holiday Cheer – check them out here and here.
Lots of news and new books and contest fun, so don’t miss out!
This weekend I took my daughter to ‘Le Salon de Cheval’ (the Horse Fair) here in Paris. There were Tons of people, tons of horses, and lots of things to buy. I resisted buynig halters, saddles, blankets…Everything. My daughter was devestated. I was smug. My husband amazed.
My daughter does not know her Secret Christmas Present. Ha ha. She will not be depressed for long. My husband wants to buy her a saddle all her own. So, I’m off to search for saddles.
Is there anything you wish for? Long for? Need desperately?
I had to think about that. Can’t say I need anything desperately. My laptop is still running (OK – the i key sticks a bit, but who needs ‘i’s? And my car just passed inspection, and my clothes still fit, and my husband’s cousin gave me some great make-up last month, so I’m all set!
I bought some books for my husband, (he loves to read mysteries) and backpacks for the twins for college. Cool backpacks from Japan.
Anyhow, I have to go find a saddle now!