Sitting here listening to Queen singing ‘We will Rock you’. It’s hard not to sing along, lol.

Gray day. I’m going to Paris with some friends but not sure which day. Maybe tomorrow. Have to go Christmas Shopping!

Actually, I’m a terrible shopper, but I love to follow my friends around. They are super-shoppers, and they know all the best stores.

For example, we will go to ‘Le Bon Marché’, which is a huge department store built in the twenties in a wonderful art nouveau style. The whole store is beautiful. Then I want to go to the Chinese section of Paris, in the 14th district. It’s like Chinatown in NYC, I guess, with many little shops selling everything Oriental. I also love walking around the old Latin quarter, St. Germain de Près. There too are lots of artistic shops with new creators and everything that is ‘in’ and ‘brand new’!

And while I’m walking around Paris, I can’t help look at the beautiful buildings and think that I’m lucky to live so close to the ‘City of Lights’. In the evening, the Eiffel Tower will be lit up, and the navy blue night will be a velvet cloth strewn with the diamond lights of the Paris skyline.