I have been having a great Thanksgiving weekend. I got my flu shot, and my butt is sore, and I got the stitches out of my head which hurt worse than having them put in –
But I am thankful I won’t get sick this winter, and my head’s healed, so that’s all right.
Enough with this complaining already!
It’s raining – the dogs get mud all over the floor when they come in.
But I’m thankful to have two such nice dogs, with lovely waggy tails and loving eyes.
I can’t seem to get any writing done, especially with the kids home this weekend. But I’m thankful to have my children with me, and the writing can be done later.
Tonight I’m going to a friend’s house for dinner, and I’m thankful to have such a wonderful friend who lives so close. I have other wonderful friends who live far away, but I miss them terribly, along with my family. But at least I have people I miss terribly – can you imagine not missing anyone?
Winter is coming and my house is old and drafty – but at least the roof doesn’t leak and I’m thankful to live in such a nice village. The garbage men just came around for their Christmas bonus (already!) but I’m thankful they come at all – so there.
Well, enough already with the thanks – but no, there is one more! I’m thankful for everyone who stops by to read my blog –