The leaves are finally turning gold here, but the weather is still balmy. We had a few days of frost, but it turned warm and rainy again, and today there is a lovely mix of clouds and light in the sky. The leaves on the forsithia tree right outside my window here are pale yellow, and when the light shines through it it turns everything golden. On the hill the trees are turning rust and brown. I will have to go out and take the dogs (and my camera) for a walk.
I wish I’d taken my camera this morning as I drove to town. There was a tractor plowing in a field. The sun warmed earth was steaming in the pale morning light, cherry trees behind him were red and orange, and dark clouds, almost violet, seemed to underline the rising sun. Autumn is such a lovely time of year. Until it starts raining. And then everything is gray – the sky, the earth, the trees, and the stone houses. Dreary! But not today!
I am still plodding on with my WIP. It’s a new project – I’ve never attempted a murder mystery – so I’m sort of feeling my way forward. I like my characters, and right now one is about to do something, well, awful. She’s a secondary character, so I’m not going to dwell on her, but her actions will set something in motion that will hurt a lot of people in the book, but ultimately will solve the crime. So often good things do come out of bad things. Sometimes you have to wait and see the end result – step back and not judge until everything has settled down and the results are in. This character is like a catalyst, and if she doesn’t do this terrible thing, then the murderer will keep on killing. It’s sort of the theme I’m working into the fabric of the story. We’ll see what happens with it!