A couple years ago, my sons killed Halloween in the village. It wasn’t really their fault – Halloween tried to make a splash in France and ended up as a flop. No one really got excited about it except the kids and a few parents, but the village fête commitee, bowing to publicity and the fact that Halloween was in fact invented by the Celts and the Celts, as everyone knows, originated in France SO…(ipso factum whatever) and voila – the French embraced Halloween for a couple years and then it faded, helped along by my sons decision to dress as terrorists and bombard the village with beebees and take All the candy.
ANYHOW – a few kids (mine – still) dress up and still make the rounds. But the French are mostly perplexed. “Bon bons ou Farce!” the kids scream.
The villagers open their doors. “What cute costumes. What do you want?”
“Well, I don’t have any. But here are some…”: (What follows is an actual list of what the kids brought home)
2 bottles of water
1 whole baking chocolate bar
A handful of walnuts
2 euros
A brand new box of Belgium chocolates
Several candy bars
A bag of sours
A box of cookies.

The kids are estatic and the dogs are tired (having accompanied kids all over village. Dogs were dressed up too. August was a centapede.
I wish I could post photos but blogger is acting up – I’ll try to post on my Sam’s Shots page.

And on another note, I entered Miss Snarks contest and got an honerable mention as ‘Best nod to the Bard’, lol (#23)