Last night the barometer dipped down below 1000, which is pretty low, and the wind sounded like a freight train all night and until this morning. In the north of France, and on the coast, there was a lot of damage but we just got the edges of the storm and only the leaves fell.
(The bells are still ringing. The repair man has not come. The mayor said – helpfully – “Well, you can always sleep with earplugs!”)
I replied in a Very strong Texan accent – “How Nice.”
Of course, nobody in the mayor’s office got that, but Andrea – if you’re reading this blog, I hope you swallowed your coffee first.

More about deadlines. I have this annoying habit of saying ‘yes’ to everything. I now have 4 English students (children) and 1 adult. I swore I’d never teach adults again – they just don’t listen. I think after 13 the brain disconnects from the ears and I REALLY admire high school teachers. ANYHOW. I said yes, and now I have another chunk of time gone. Time for preparing the lesson and time giving the lesson that I should be spending writing…LIke time on the blog – lol. And I do have a deadline. SO – NanoWrime to the rescue!!! I will write every spare minute during November and get 50k done. YES.

I went to gym this morning and it was cold in the gym and my back is stiff. I think it’s because it was cold while I was working out. I’m off to yoga tonight to try and stretch my back out. Yoga is the BEST for a sore back.