Today I was up early (churchbells ring every monrning at 8:00, but somehow my brain is afraid of being woken up by the bells, so I’m always awake earlier. It happens when I set me alarm too. If I set it for 7 a.m. I’ll wake up at five to seven, and if I set it for six, the same thing happens. I think my brain is scared of being woken up by bells and alaems! Too strange. Anyhow, I woke up and saw that the workers had come to cut the hedge, so I went to talk to them and tell them what I needed done. They have a tractor and trailor, so I won’t have a huge pile of brush left over. Then I had to take my son and his friend to the train station. And now I’m getting ready to go to the pony club with my daughter. Maybe I’ll bring a book and read while she has her lesson.
Right now, she’s stuck in front of ‘The Horse Whisperer’, and as much as I love Robert Redford, I always thought this story was purely ridiculous. It drives me nuts, but there are some pretty scenes and the music isn’t half bad. (and there is Robert…lol) But what a stupid story. I hated the book too, as I recall. It was one of my wallbangers.
(list of bestselling wallbangers:)
The Horse Whisperer
The Da Vinci Code
Something Bones (can’t even remember the title, but I hated that book)
Do you have a list of bestselling wallbangers??
Have a great weekend!