I guess when you’re riding a horse you’re trotting right along, and when your running you’re jogging right along…and when you’re writing you’re plotzing right along, right?
My WIP is going very well. Merlin is now off to find someone to make him an antidote to the love potion that silly pest Kyla made him drink. Honestly – fairies have no sense of decorum. Merlin is an elf, Kyla is a fairy, and together they make sparks.
There is more to the story than that, of course, but it gets complicated, lol. Thus the plotzing along.

On the home front my fireman son Sebi has been admitted into his college of choice – the psychology school in Paris. Lucky sod. Now he has to find a place to live there. Argh. Not easy. He’ll most likely become a commuter and learn the joys of public transportation – prices in the city are outrageous. We’re way in the country, so it’s an hour drive to his college. Well – we’ll think of something.
The Other twin is in the US getting ready to go to a wedding this weekend then fly straight off to Ohio to start his 2nd year in college. *sniff* I miss him a lot.
Daughter has not given up ideas on ‘How to Get a Horse’. She is driving me crazy but I must commend her persistence. Most kids would have given up by now. Three years’ worth of “No absolutely Not” have not made a dent. I bet she becomes a writer. Rejection rolls off her like water off a duck’s back. Quack. (or neigh, as the case may be)
No news from any proposals yet, which is just as well because I really want to finish Merlin’s Song.
Anyone read Llewellyn’s Song? Like? Dislike? Hmmm? JERR gave it Four Stars, yay! and a lovely review. Mommy is happy. (Yes, dammit, our books are like our babies, lol.) So it’s nice when the baby gets up, toddles out the door, and is well recieved in the wide world.