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It’s early Sunday morning. Today I’m heading into Paris to meet some friends. I’m going to spend the day there and then we’ll all meet my husband for dinner somewhere. My friends have mostly come in for the ‘pret a porter’ show here in Paris – two of my friends are buyers and one has a stand, so I’m going to go check it out.
I’m not a fashion victim – like I said before, I buy most of my clothes from Ye Olde Thrifte Shoppe – but my friends don’t get to Paris often and I want to see them!!!
Maybe I’ll even see some clothes I like, lol.
My husband said to my daughter the other day “Your mom doesn’t care what she puts on in the morning.”
I overheard that and wasn’t sure if he was vexed about having a wife who jumped out of bed and grabbed whatever was on top of the laundry pile, or if he liked having a wife that didn’t spend an hour every morning trying to decide what to wear.
I went to Catholic school and wore a uniform – and I loved not having to think about what to wear. I believe I grew out of being fashion-conscious in school. Never having to worry about what I was wearing or what anyone else wore was very liberating for a teen, honest.
My daughter announced her school was going to make the students wear a uniform – and she was thrilled. She agrees with me about the advantages of a uniform (she’s not a teen yet – of course she agrees with me) but I was happy to hear that. Too many girls in my daughter’s class dress like – well – provocative doesn’t begine to describe it. I’m sure you’ve seen the sexy barbie look – well, it scares me. I don’t know what the mothers are thinking.
I think the uniform will be more along the lines of a suggestion here – like navy blue pants, white shirts, and navy pullovers, for example. I’ll be interested to see.
What do you think about uniforms for school?