I’m plotting another book. Having fun too. It’s nice to invent a whole new cast of characters and set them loose in a whacky world of my invention.
There has to be a heroine and a hero – and there has to be a bad guy (or gal) and a Plot Arc, and all that fun stuff.
And I don’t know how other authors plot and plan, but I know I nearly always start with the Heorine.
Is that usual?
I have my new heroine – and then I try to imagine the perfect hero for her. Her soul-mate – her ‘one and only’. And then I invent the meanie(s) and all the trials and tribulations and subplots and secondary characters and…
Oh my. I feel a head-ache coming on. I think I need an Alka Seltzer.
I have to leave now – my dog just rolled in something AWFUL and he smells DISGUSTING!
I am off to give Auguste a Big Bath.