Here is a picture of me taken by my sister two weeks ago. We were at my uncle’s camp where we wre’ having a family picnic. The sun was shining. We’d left all our worries about my dad at home (we agreed on that when we went out that day) and we were just having a nice time. As you can see, I have a camera in my hands. (photo to be added later when Blogger stops acting up)

I almost always have a camera in my hand or in my purse. My dad, who was an avid photographer, bought me my first camera when I was 6 years old, (a little brownie camera) and when my first roll of film was developed we discovered a whole tribe of headless monsters. I’d cut the head off every person I’d taken pictures of. So my father didn’t develop another roll of film for a while, but had me ‘practice’ with my empty camera trying to frame my shots better. When I said I was ready, he gave me another roll of film (this was back in the 60’s and film and developing pictures was pretty expensive.)
I loved experimenting with my camera, and took pictures of everything. Once, wanting to be a playboy photographer, I asked my sister (then about 7) to pose in the nude holding only a big flower to cover herself modestly. The picture was so cute my mom showed it to everyone, which infuriated my sister and she tore the photo to shreds.
I graduated to a polaroid camera, and then, when I graduated highschool, my father bought me my first real camera, a wonderful Canon. I loved that camera and took it all over the world with me, taking photos of camels in Morrocco, the coast in Israel, and beaches in the Bahamas and the Canary Islands. Most of my pictures I sent back to my dad. But then his house burned down, and all his photos burned too. It was a tragedy for my father. He had been taking pictures since he was a kid too – and I think he was far more upset about his photo collection than about his house.
Over the years, I’ve taken thousands of photos, and I have two bookcases full of photo albums, and a ‘treasure box’ of an odd assortment of pictures that my kids love to dig through.
Do you like taking pictures too?