I’m interested in just about everything and try to keep my enthusiasm for life.

I remember meeting an old man one day and we started to chat; he was so spy and fun that I just had to ask, “what’s your secret? How do you stay so young?”
He looked at me and said, “I keep my enthusiasm for everything I do.”
I’ve tried to live by that rule.

And I think that’s why I get peeved when I hear writers saying, “I hate when people ask me how to write and how to get published.” They roll their eyes and complain.
Didn’t these writers ever have enthusiasm for what they did? Didn’t they ever ask questions? How could they every forget being unpublished? Didn’t they ever seek guidance?
I hope that whenever someone asks me how they can get published I’ll have enough enthusiasm to answer joyfully and not with a sigh of annoyance. Even if I’m not a best selling author, if someone needs my help I will always try to be available.
I’m about to start a mentoring program and I sincerely hope that one thing I’ll be able to transmit is the satisfaction I get from writing something – be it short story, novel, a letter, or even a blog entry. Communication by writing, imagining the story, choosing the words, and then putting it down for others to share…I’m enthusiastic about what I do and hope I can share that.
So all you published authors out there who cringe when someone asks you how to write a book or how to get published, I hope you’ll get down off your high horse and realize anyone can be a writer – you might be talking to the next Nora Roberts or Diana Gabaldon…wouldn’t that be exciting to be a part of their future success?
Lots of people helped me – I wouldn’t be published if I didn’t ask questions and struggle forward, (and a big thanks to everyone who helped me!) Enthusiasm – that’s the key!