Yes, I know it’s an exciting blog topic – and I’d get a lot more people dropping in if I’d called it ‘sexy cleaning,’ or ‘Fuck house Cleaning’ which uis closer to what I feel right this minute…But I digress.
My sister is coming to stay for the summer, to travel a bit and see Europe, and I have to clean my sons’ room so she can stay in it. I can’t remember which labor of Hercules involved cleaning a stable that hadn’t been cleaned in years…Well, that’s about what I feel like. Armed with garbage bage, disinfectant, mop, broom, and sponge…I felt just like Hercules must have before his job.
And I’m not done yet.
I thought I’d take a coffee break and blog about something interesting, but it seems I have a small brain only capable of holding one thing at a time…so today it’s house cleaning.
A few house-cleaning tips:
white vinegar makes a great cleaning solution. Mix with some water and a few drops of dish washing liquid, and put in a spray bottle. I use it for everything and it gets rid of odors! Hurrah!
A tennis game in the background means you don’t get too bored; ditto for some loud music. (Roland Garros is on right now, so I’m watching that between coffee, blogging, and cleaning.)
And now, back to the stables…I mean, the boys’ room.