More than you wanted to know…

Thanks to Jona, who tagged me, I’m getting to do a meme on six strange facts about me.

1. I dream every night, and sometimes the dreams are so real I get confused when I wake up – am I awake? Is this still the dream? Sometimes I dream about things that happen, and that makes it even more surreal.

2. My great-grandmother claimed to be a witch. She said she put a curse on the reservoir that covered her town with water. (Everyone had been bought out and forced to move) A few years later, the reservoir dried up. My great-grandmother was rather proud, I think, of being a witch.

3. I knew I was going to have twins before I got pregnant. (Actually, someone I barely knew told me he thought I’d have twins, and I believed him enough that when I got pregnant, I was sure it was twins…and it was.)

4. I’m pretty normal – so this is getting hard now, lol. Um…4. Well, I can draw Anything at all, once I’ve seen it. (I have a really good visual memory)

5. At the same time, I forget everything else, and my kids call me “Dorie” (from “Finding Nemo”) because I forget to pick them up at school, or forget meetings (I just forgot one this week – and the guy called me up and asked if everything was all right – poor chap thought I might have been in an accident. Truth was, I completely forgot I was supposed to meet him.) or forget lunch dates…

6. I’m a geek. I don’t care about fashion, shoes, movie stars, or gossip magazines. I have no idea why. My best friend is a shoe designer, I was good friends with Andie MacDowell when we were modeling, and most of the polo players show up in the gossip magazines – so you’d think I’d take the slightest interest…but I really don’t. Sorry. I’d rather rant about saving the planet, pollution, politics, or education, so I really think I’m a geek. (does that count for a strange thing?)

I tag:
Wyn, Daisy, Chey, and Ann…