Nadia posted about her messy desk today. Aren’t all desks messy?
I thought it would be funny to make a list of everything on my desk from left to right.

My daughter’s vaccination booklet
An atlas and road map of France
An empty leather card case & a watch that doesn’t work
A folded red paper with an old grocery list on it (starts with Nutella…)
My phone book, two perscriptions, a bank statement (make that 2) and my address book in a sloppy pile.
Roger’s Thesarus, open to scare-scholar
A bottle of pink nail polish
A yellow wind-up chick that goes hop-hop-hop-hop!
A black pen
A nail file
A rubber band
My printer, my keyboard, the computer screen
A package of tissues
Two calendars (both huge, both on my right, both serving as notepads)
My camera
A wicker basket full of junk. (Junk – pens, cards, a CD, my UBS cord, stamps, and a measuring tape.)
A Christmas card.
A nail cutter
My speaker (only one works) & headphones
2 glasses cases.