I was over at Dakota’s blog and read the saddest story – it was so sad I coldn’t even post a comment. But I really sympathised about the main rant she was ranting about (the sad story was back story) – she was ranting about people asking for money (for worthy causes) aggressively and in the wrong place. And I have to admit, there is a time and a place for everything.

One day, for example, I was in an automobile accident (nothing serious) and I parked in a church parking lot to get the insurance straightened out with the truck that hit me (he’d already tried to drive away but I literally jumped out of my car and stood in front of him – so I was mucho upsetto.) And while he’s screaming at me, and I’m writing his license-plate number down and every other number and address I could see on the truck because he’s not getting out of the cab, this poor little old lady comes over from the church and shoves a wooden box under my nose and says, “Give to the Poor!”

I’m not hard-hearted. I’m one of those people who give money to every begger she sees, I pick up hitch hikers, I send checks to the Red Cross, the Hurricane fund, the tidal wave fund…you name it. But a truck had just broadsided me and had tried to run away, and I was fuming. The driver was telling me it wasn’t his fault – he hadn’t seen me and didn’t know he’d even hit me (he was switching lanes when he shouldn’t have been, the idiot) my cousin and daughter were in the car – my daughter (6) was hysterically crying. My door and window were a crumpled mess, my hand was cut where the window had exploded and I’d put my hand up instinctively…and this lady was shaking a box under my nose and asking me to give to the poor. I said “Lady, not right now,” …and she started to argue with me!

I think she must still be praying for my soul. I have never, ever sworn at a little old lady, but I did this time. (I can’t even write what I told her, I’m too ashamed. Let’s just say it involved the box and would have been extremely painful…)
My daughter stopped crying to hear what I was saying, my cousin, whose father is in the army, turned bright red, and after that the truck driver meekly got out of his cab and gave me his license to copy.

So let this be a lesson to you – if you have to collect money, don’t do it to someone who’s just been in a car accident and whose temper may be a just teeny bit frayed.