Here is a view from the conference hotel window:

I had a great time – I got back yesterday and hugged my kids, noticed the house was clean and took them out to dinner to say thanks for mowing the lawn and cleaning the house while I was gone.

The conference was a lot of fun. I met some wonderful readers and writers. Rosemary Laurey was there and she is terrific. We gave a workshop on vampires and had a great time. I got her fourth book in the series and I am Loving it. (Keep me Forever) I also discovered Sherrilyn Kenyon (I don’t know What took me so long – I love vampires and Greek myths, this was too good to be true! I am now a fan girl! LOL – it also helps that she’s sweet and funny!)
My roommate was nice and didn’t snore, and we had fun going out for beer at night at a Viking Bar!

There was some good advice for aspiring authors and a workshop on mangas given by yours truly – some truly stupendous manga authors and illustrators showed up so we had a really great time.
But the best thing I did was going to a Spa for an afternoon – it was lovely! Wiesbaden is built on hot springs, was a Roman outpost, and has a beautiful thermal spa right near the conference hotel. ๐Ÿ™‚
Well, I’ll try to write a more coherent report when I’ve had a decent night’s sleep!
Right now I have to go see what the puppy is up to!