It’s definitely spring now. Today it was so warm we were out in tee-shirts, and the air is balmy and full of pollen (I keep sneezing, lol). There are tulips now, bright, red, waxy tulips, and iris, with their surprising lemony scent and frosty petals. I love spring for its flowers, and because I can leave the back door open and the kids and dogs can run in and out. I even think that the bumblebees who get lost and blunder about the dim hallway before getting tangled in my lace curtains are sweet, and I carefully untangle them to set them free. I love the deep buzzing they make, like minature airplanes. Some are black, and look like flying teddybears, and some are bright orange. Both kinds are fuzzy and surprisingly heavy and gentle. I’ve never been stung by one. (Do bumblebees sting, I wonder?) It’s too early for wasps, and the flies have just woken up and are a bit dazed.
My daughter just came in with a tiny frog cupped in her hands. She wants to keep it overnight. I said all right – but just over night.
She’ll put it in the same plastic box as the lizard, I suppose, with some water. More proof of spring!