Bev is one of the authors on the POM’s list (as in Pom Pom girls because we cheer each other on! – nothing beats having friends!) And since I adore her and her books, and since she happens to have a new book out Today! I wanted to share her with you – So (drumroll please)…Here’s Beverly!

Sam: So, can you tell us how you decided to become an erotic romance

Bev: I’ve been a lifelong reader of romance, but for me there was always something missing. A little extra spice, if you will. *g* That motivated me to write my very first manuscript with some very hot sex, and I haven’t looked back since.

Sam: What is your favorite thing about writing for Changeling Press?

Bev: Everybody at Changeling Press is just great to work with, from my editor to the cover artist and everyone in between. The other authors are friendly and just helpful. It’s an awesome atmosphere. I like it a lot.

Sam: What is your birth sign, and how do you think it influences
your writing? LOL (being very New Age here…)

Bev: I’m a Cancer, and as such, I’m very moody. LOL. My writing depends on my mood . *g* There are times when I write up a storm, when the story flows and the dialogue sparkles! Then there are the days when I can’t write anything that makes one iota of sense. I drive myself crazy! LOL.

Sam: Is it hard to juggle writing and ‘real life’?

Bev: It is. It takes discipline. When I first started writing, I had a hard time balancing work and real life. Now I’ve devised a schedule of sorts so I can get my chores and errands done, and get my writing in. My husband and kids are very supportive, and they understand when I need the “me” time so I can write. LOL.

Sam: What really nutty thing do you do Because you are a writer?

Bev: I have a habit of watching people and making up stories about them in my head.My husband laughs and says “You’re such a writer!” LOL. I just can’t help weaving stories in my mind. I’ve done that since I was a young teenager. Also, I have a tendency to predict the endings of tv shows or movies, which drive my kids nuts!

Sam: Anything coming soon you’d like to tell us about?

Bev: I have a book coming out in May from Ellora’s Cave. IRRESISTIBLE is an erotic romance with a little bit of a twist, since its about a married couple. It’s something new for me, and I really like this story. So please, watch out for it on May 3rd. I will also be having a contest to coincide with this release. I’ll be giving away a custom made fashion tote bag with lots of goodies inside. I’ll have more info up soon in my website or check out for a photo of the beautiful tote bag I’m giving away and also for more details.

Bev’s new book: Bandar: License to Pleasure

Blurb: The mission is simple. Sneak into Utuja and rescue Lara Conway, kidnapped daughter of the Earth Federation’s Premier. Vartan doesn’t reckon on a beautiful spitfire who fights him at every turn. Soon, he’s grappling with a bigger problem — how to keep his hands off her.

After a harrowing ordeal, Lara Conway is happy to be rescued. Even if it is by a rude, gorgeous studmuffin who doesn’t seem to like her but eats her up with his eyes. Danger lurks around them as they try to outrun the Xerexians and get off the planet alive. The erotic pull of temptation and passion shadow their every move. In the heat of the jungle, Vartan and Lara will strike a bargain for A License to Pleasure.