You may remember a while back I posted about two bonsai trees I bought; one for my son and the other for my daughter.
My son immediatly painted a backdrop for the bonsai tree, so it wouldn’t feel lonely or out of place, and he painted one for my daughter’s tree too. My daughter put her bonsai in her bedroom, and also found a painted fan she got in a Korean shop in New Jersey, and a Chinese calendar we got at our local Chinese take-out store. My daughter’s tree grew and grew!
Now it looks like it has two huge bunny ears or antennae. My daughter refuses to trim her tree, claiming it’s Happy.
(It looks estatic – you have to admit.)
My son’s tree is much more sedate
(I put the two together for comparison – my son trims his tree, waters it, and keeps it from drafts.)
But I love my daughter’s exhuberant tree. It’s no longer bonzai, it’s bonanza!