I was supposed to be writing today. My next book is coming along beautifully and I’m having such fun writing it. All right – I have fun writing all my books, but this is laugh-out-loud fun, and I really wanted to keep at it.
But life gets in the way. (As usual)
So I have fifteen minutes to play on the computer, so I’ll write a blog post. About something. (Waiting for inspiration…)
About…Fat heroes!
Yes, fat heroes. Regularly in the Romance Writing Blogworld there is a big Hullabaloo about ‘Why are there no fat heroines?!’ Well, I can’t answer that. I never really thought about it. I don’t like (and we went into this before) I don’t like too much description because I like to imagine my own hero and heroine. I don’t need her measurements, clothing size, or weight. A good author should be able to show not tell how the characters look. And I don’t care if the heroine is fat, thin, or dyslexic, as long as I can IDENTIFY with her and find her SYMPATHETIC. I’ll be more inclined to do so if she’s dyslexic, can’t do math, and gets lost the second she leaves her house. Now there’s someone I can identify with. And if she loses her car in the parking lot, I love her already.
Anyhow – back to the hullabaloo. Three or four times a year someone starts whining about fat heroines and the lack of or dearth of or whatever…I say, what about the fat hero?? There is something very depressing about the readers squealing they want fat heroines and hunky, slim, athletic heroes. Why do men get to stay fit? Can’t they be chubby? Can’t they have a fat tummy too? WHY DOES THE HERO HAVE TO BE PERFECT? It does not make sense to this reader.
The fuss says ‘we want imperfect heroines (real life people – I like that) but the fuss never spreads to the hero, who stays firmly rooted in the fictional fantasy of the prince on the white horse.
Hello! Why can’t the fat heroine have a fat hero? Why can’t the slim heroine have a fat hero? (If he’s rich and drives a fancy car, this is very realistic. He can even be twice her age and a Scientologist to boot…)
Anyhow, think about it. It could be an interesting story. Really.