The idea was terrific. Firebrand Agent Nadia Cornier decided to play a game on her blog called ‘You be the agent’, and posted query letters she invented/cobbled together, and invited everyone to ‘be the agent’. We had to
A. Reject
B. Request Partial
C. Reject with a request to see future projects

Well, I played along quite happily. Nadia posted three queries, and I made two requests for partials and one rejection.

After reading Nadia’s last entry I noticed I rejected the agent’s own work, lol. She dug out a story she’d written a while back and made a query to go with it.
I did request an existing YA book, so I was happy about that. I also requested a book from a query letter full of typos and mistakes – but that’s because I was caught up in the idea of the book, lol. Nadia says she’d have requested partials from all three queries and then goes on to explain why – which is terrific for us writers agonizing over query letters.

Here’s the blog:
Agent Obscura