The cold returned with a vengence this week, putting frost on the windows and turning the grass white and sparkly in the morning.
I’ve been hard at work starting another book. I’m about 10,000 words in and starting to get an idea of where it’s going. (I have the beginning and the end…I just have to find the middle. It will appear. I’m ‘pantsing’ this one, which means no outline…Unless I get bogged down in which case I will make one.
Note to self – outlines will prop up a sagging middle. Does that make them the girdles of writing?

I also started a daily photo blog – combining my love of photography with my love of procrastination – I think I’ve found my calling.
I’ll go down in the record books as the author with the most websites.
So go here and see what life is like in a twelfth century French village.

Montchauvet Daily Blog

Or go here and see how well I can procrastinate (and sign up as one of my Friends, lol)
My Space

Now I’m off to haunt the Washington Post’s discussion groups. (I’m elevating Procrastination to an art form…)