Current Clothing: sweat pants, tee-shirt, zipped sweater (I’m off to yoga class in 15 minutes)

Current Hair: Ponytail for yoga class. Keeps slipping out though. Messy.

Current Mood: Still euphoric about getting an agent. Thinking about rewrites; taking book apart in my head.

Current Refreshment: White tea.

Current Annoyance: The freezing rain. It’s all slushy mud outside. Ugh.

Current Avoidance: Ironing

Current Smell: Wet dogs – they just came indoors.

Current Thing You Ought to be Doing: Getting ready for yoga.

Current Thing or Things on Your Wall: My French rugbyman calendar. (Oh La La!!)

Current IM person You’re Talking To: No one’s online!

Current Jewelry: wedding ring.

Current Book: I’m reading a mystery set in the middle ages – it’s the second book in the series I started last week. Way cool.

Your turn!